MossCo proudly offers South African decor enthusiasts a new and unexpected decor texture. Reindeer Moss is the natural floor covering of Scandinavian forests and a much treasured food for roaming reindeer. Rest assured that our moss is cultivated without endangering Rudolph's food supply under strict Scandinavian law.

The moss has an exceptional touch with longevity and sustainable quality. Currently creating trendy 'oohs' and 'aah's' in European design circles, and being from Europe ourselves, we thought South African designers completely worthy of this unique product.

Low maintenance, a variety of moss colours to choose from and a multitude of applications, allows for designers to really go wild. Make a statement naturally, it is bound to be a conversation piece. Go to our products page to Reindeer Moss applications or read our Frequently Asked Questions for a more detailed discussion. Contact us via email or phone and we'll gladly get a sample to you anywhere in South Africa.